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Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 26th July 2015

Please note if anyone would like to join as a member would you kindly make a £5 cheque out for CH&DLHS and post to Darren Butler, 7 Forest Way, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HU. Or, for local members, £5 to any member of the Committee. Or through our website via Paypal.
This month’s speaker is Peter Cadman on Thursday, 30th July, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. The title of his talk is ‘Not Just Names’ and he will be covering stories from his usual diligent research on local involvement in the Second World War. Admission £1 including refreshments. All welcome.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS None this week.
RESPONSES David Paradine has pointed out that Beckett Plant’s father was actually named Beckett, so presumably young William adopted the name ‘young Beckett’. David knew him well and if they were playing cards and someone played the wrong card, his favourite saying was ‘You’re a gooby ass!’
Don Savage emails re the recent research enquiry into the Savage family ‘My granddad was also William Savage (b 1844) and as there were 13 children it is more than likely there is a connection.’ Don has now forwarded his family tree to us going back to John Savage (b1818 in Great Wyrley).
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Two photographs of Bert Heminsley and Jim Ponder at harvest time at Saredon Hall Farm and one of Jack Davis of 32 Low Street. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS The Bullock family tree going back to William Bullock (b1732) with Thomas (b1800) a local miner living in Landywood and Dundalk Lane who married Elizabeth Benton on 28 February 1825 and then Elizabeth Himinsley of Landywood on 28th September 1829. Bullock birth certificates of Thomas (1849), Thomas (1881) and marriage certificates Thomas to Hannah Gray (1875), Lucy Louisa to Alfred Knowles (1900) and birth certificate Alfred Knowles (1901)
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Edward Greensell and Samuel Harley both sentenced to four months jail in a disturbing court case in 1832.
29th July 1965 Staffordshire County Council and the proposed Cheslyn Hay Primary School.
29th July 1965 A letter highlighting the success of Hawkins Colliery cricket team of 1937 and naming them all.
31st July 1915 Jack Wesley of The Lot receiving a letter from the trenches with full details.
31st July 1915 The marriage of Lieutenant Osmond Hawkins.
MEMORIES An in depth research into the Walk Mill which can be traced back to 1775.
Including previous owners and occupants and why and when it was closed.
GENERAL NEWS I have been informed that Derek Stanton’s old house, Standek Farm on the Wolverhampton Road, has been demolished this week.
JOHN BAILEY John’s funeral is at the West Chapel, Bushbury on Monday, 3rd August at 2.15pm and afterwards at the Colliers Arms.
PAULINE McCULLOCH Sad news of another passing of one of our members, Pauline, who passed away on Monday 20th July, aged 86, after a lifetime of being a School Welfare Assistant at both Pinfold Lane and Moat Hall Schools. Our thoughts go to her husband, Don, teacher at the same schools, and family. Funeral at St Mary’s Church in Cannock on Friday 31st July at 12pm.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 19th July 2015

EVENTS No events this week.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.
REQUESTS Our researcher Vi asks if anyone knows why William Plant, who married Hilda Worsey, was always known as Beckett. And this has also prompted me to read through Vanessa Morgan’s book (see Donations below) and list many of her Granddad’s friends from around 100 years ago to ask anyone who might recall their grandfather’s nicknames. In this week’s Memories the Herby mentioned is our old undertaker Herbert Hudson but who is Pug? Also mentioned are Shigger, Wilty, Squib, Miff, Chewer, Whopper, Smiler, Benjy and Jacker. A couple that are easily brought to mind are Tompter (Thomas Pearson – well known tramp), Slam (Harry Perks) and Shandy (Bob Cooper) but there are also a few clues in the stories for other characters – Miff (a boxer who trained in Bunny Benton’s barn), Kaggy Wright (another fighter), Jonty (killed in Gallipoli – John Ridgway?) and Old Woody was the train driver of General Gordon.
RESPONSES Dave Leach recalls the donkeys, mentioned last week, belonging to Albert Podmore.
And Michael Clark adds more to the Woolastons going back to Henry Woollason who was baptised 5 September 1683 at St Augustine’s in Rugeley.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Mr Morris, a lay preacher at the Salem, and his wife, also William & Annie Hitchens of Wolverhampton Road, and 3 photographs of the families from Holly Bush cottages with the Heminsleys, Ken Chaplin, George Till, Glenys Jones, Mrs Lockett and Clare Wootton. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS A published book ‘Stories Granddad Told’ by Vanessa Morgan from the Cheslyn Hay memories of her grandfather Christopher Lawson (b1890) written in the 1950s. Donated by Ann Holloway.
24th July 1915 Marriage of Lieut. Osmond Crutchley Hawkins, of Glenthorne House.
24th July 1915 William Fletcher, of Mount Pleasant, Cheslyn Hay, was summoned and found guilty.
24th July 1915 The Cheslyn Hay Jubilee Female Society held their 18th anniversary and a new committee elected.
24th July 1915 The anniversary of the Red Lion Female friendly Society was also held on Tuesday evening with full details and names of those involved.
24th July 1915 A very enjoyable social evening was spent at the Rose and Crown Inn for the Glee Party. Full details given.
24th July 1915 The conclusion to the story from last week involving Mr and Mrs Pratt and Sergeant Major G Snow.
24th July 1915 Mrs G Wynn has successfully collected 120 eggs.
MEMORIES From Vanessa Morgan’s book of stories from her granddad, Chris Lawson, and the an amusing tale is included this week and is dated July 1954 recalling the old characters around 100 years ago off the village.
GENERAL NEWS The Village Pump in Cross Street was flattened on Monday morning by a car. Report includes all details.
JOHN BAILEY Sad news of John, who passed away in hospital on Tuesday evening. A fund of unlimited local knowledge as he had lived on the village all his life and an invaluable member of our committee and it’s been a privilege to have known him as a colleague and a friend. A great footballer and an even greater bloke.

Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 12 July 2015

EVENTS None this week.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome Bernard Scott Jackson from Sacramento. He is researching his Jackson family that resided around here and Holly Bush in the 1700s and has connections with the Hitchens family and Bernard would be delighted to meet anyone with connections to these families. He has been helped in his research by Jean and Bernard will have Jean to escort him round Staffordshire on Wednesday. And following Bernard’s visit we have a wartime evacuee, Dave ‘Dooglebug’ Maltster, paying us a visit from New Zealand on Friday, 17th July, and we’re opening the Salem Base for him at 2pm and the Brough family together with Anne Collins, whose family were friends of the Maltsters during the conflict will be there to exchange some nostalgic tales. Anyone interested will be most welcome.
REQUESTS None this week.
RESPONSES Our researcher Sue has solved Arthur Johnson’s enquiries for him by discovering his mother’s maternal g-grandmother’s maiden name and also confirmed that she married William Savage with full details and dates and listing all their seven children. Carol Wollaston is now in direct contact with Michael Clark and exchanging information on their Wollaston family trees, but so far they are unable to find any connection with the two branches but our historic researcher, Andrew, states that the Wollaston family descends from an ancient line appearing to have held property to the west of what is now Dudley and Wolverhampton from before the Norman conquest and they also had a link to Henry II.
Following last week’s WWI commemoration to John Ridgway, his great-nephew Terry from Gloucester emails ‘May I thank you and your colleagues for the recent work in connection with my great uncle John Ridgway. I know all my family who still live in Cheslyn Hay appreciate the recognition of him being posted in the local shops at this present time. As you know it’s 100 years ago on the 14th August 1915 at the age of 19 he was killed in action in Gallipoli He had gone out there as a private in the RAMC, but was transferred to the South Wales Borderers and I have arranged through the RBL to have a wreath placed on his resting place in Gallipoli on the anniversary of his death this coming August, and also a wreath to be placed on the war memorial in Cheslyn Hay on Remembrance Sunday which will depict his regiment. This is done on behalf of the Ridgway family of the village, and the wreath will be laid by a member of our family.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS One of the Maypole Dance in the Pinfold Lane playground c1918 and photographs of the Margate evacuees including one of Dave Maltster. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington A revealing story from the Taunton Courier (8 July 1863) accusing Gilpins of supplying large quantities of tomahawks to the Indians to support the rebellion in the American Civil War ! Also court cases involving Mary Ann Webb of Queen Street and Comfort Mann both being found guilty (11 August 1916).
17th July 1915 William Henry Whitehouse of Hill Street, Cheslyn Hay, was found guilty in an unusual court case.
17th July 1915 Another court case with Charles Worsey, Arthur Worsey and Francis Rowe being found guilty.
17th July 1915 Lieutenant Osmond Hawkins arrives home at Glenthorne after being badly injured in Belgium.
17th July 1915 Mr and Mrs J Pratt of the Rose and Crown receive a strange letter from the Dardanelles.
17th July 1915 A letter from G Wynn setting up the National Egg Collection for the wounded of Cheslyn Hay.
MEMORIES From Barry Allen taken from our Archives covering his schooldays, the Hawkins Colliery Brass Band, the shunting yard and life as it used to be. Also mentioning John Harley, George Allen, Ted Matthews and Mr Podmore.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 5th July 2015

EVENTS No Chat n Char this Thursday, 9th July, as it is Roger’s Annual Coach Trip. This year we have two executive luxury coaches to Chatsworth House leaving the Salem at 8am (any last minute problems please phone Roger 07928070061) and departing from Chatsworth at 4.30pm We have 4 seats available due to cancellations at £20 each so anyone interested please phone Roger on 01543 – 372856. Car park will be open at the rear of the Salem.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and next Tuesday,14th July, we welcome Bernard Scott Jackson from Sacramento tracing his Jackson/Hitchens family.
REQUESTS Terry Ridgway from Lydney emails ‘I am trying to find Sandra Benson who used to live in Hatherton Street. As a boy I used to do errands for her mum, in particular to fetch a sack of coal on my trolley from the coal yard, where the Coop is today, and she always gave me a shilling.
Following on from the Wollaston research of last month, Carol Wollaston has now brought in her Wollaston family tree based in Bushbury but is keen to link her family into our Cheslyn Hay tree and asks if anyone can help her.
RESPONSES No-one has been able to help Arthur Johnson in his quest for Mary Savage’s maiden name but our researcher Andrew emails with his help as he has 11 of the Savage children listed on our Cheslyn Hay tree.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Several more Altree photographs – Nellie (nee Follows), Nell, Handel, Jack & Nancy, the Broughs – Jack, Mervyn, Alfred, Ann & Tom plus Mac Brown, Hilda Farrington and Elsie Mitchell. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Board of Guardians accepting tenders with prices and listing all the Cheslyn Hay traders in 1880. Also John Ridgway on a court appearance in 1906, plus two 1908 court cases involving Thomas Kingston, Albert Maunder, William & Joseph Parbrook, Louisa Jones of Landywood and Howard Smith.
8th July 1965 Full report of the Cannock Labour Party Gala on Saturday with involvement of Cheslyn Hay Queen and attendants including Wendy Bates, Joan Hemingsley, Miss Paxton, Gillian Pritchard and Maureen Pearce.
8th July 1965 The Stella Tileries Sports Club presentation dinner and dance together with awards etc to the football and darts teams.
8th July 1965 Problems over the Cheslyn Hay bus service with Mrs G Hewitt, of 15 Wesley Avenue, Mrs E M Turner, of 24 Station Street and Mrs D Corbett.
10th July 1915 Details of those involved in the successful Alexandra Day.
MEMORIES Recollections of the POW’s clearing snow in 1947 and what happened to those who happily settled here locally after the war including Godfrey Sittig.
WWI COMMEMORATION This month we commemorate the death of John Ridgway of the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Welsh Borderers, son of Job Ridgway of 20 Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay, with details of his death and also of his family.
GENERAL NEWS Last month in June, we have had another 166 sightings of our local scenes on staffspasttrack. Salem 32, Walter Hackett 28, Wootton’s Post Office 25, Brittania Picture House 19, Albert Hawkins Shop 18, High Street 18, Garbetts Shop 13, Hackett’s Butcher’s Shop 13.

Full unabridged newsletters will be emailed to all members every Sunday at 9am for an annual fee of £5 by applying to –

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Newsletter – 28th June 2015

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  Arthur Johnson enquires about his mother’s maternal g-grandmother, Mary (b1812 Cheslyn Hay) who married William Savage (b1809 Aston, Birmingham) an edge tool and hatchet maker who  moved to Cheslyn Hay and  was probably  employed at Gilpins but Arthur has no record of any marriage between them and he wishes to know Mary’s maiden name.  She bore William 13 children and she died in 1883 and William died in Great Wyrley in 1874.
RESPONSES  Once again we’re indebted to Peter Harley, our Australian researcher, on providing Paul with every single detail of Sgt Govan’s life and army career even including his tattoos and a photograph!!  All have been forwarded on.
Also for Debby, our researchers Paul Bedford, author of the WWI book ‘Not Just Names’ and Bob have provided all the details of Private John Ridgway (19) of 20 Queen Street and who was killed in action at Gallipoli in 1915.  Also Andrew has provided a short family tree and John  Ridgway’s great nephew, Terry Ridgway, has volunteered his email address for further information.  Also our researchers Jean and Dave Washington have printed off newspaper reports of John’s death as well as an appearance at Cannock Petty Sessions on a spurious charge.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Walter Stokes of Hill Street and Joey Harvey of Holly Bush and a series of photographs of the Lockett family – Bert, Arthur, Frank and Doris (nee Pheasant).    £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Twenty-nine footballing trophies won by Arthur Lockett (1915 -1990) during his goalkeeping career.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Two reports of the death of Private John Ridgway of Queen Street and one ofSgt C E Tomlinson, a postal worker of Cheslyn Hay (1915) and a report on the tragic death of Hannah Elizabeth Sheldon of Cheslyn Hay (1941).
1st July 1965  A full report on a 14 years-old Great Wyrley Secondary School pupil, Margaret Morgan of 1 Littlewood Estate, the county sprinting championship.
1st July 1965  Details of the life of Lillian Perks on the award of her M.B.E.
3rd July 1915  Appearance in court of John Askey and James Seabury, both being found guilty.
3rd July 1915  A patriotic open air meeting of the Cheslyn Hay Parish Council Relief Committee and Red Cross Society held on the Barn Flat Ground.
3rd July 1915  Details of the life and death of John Haycock of 9, Coppice Lane, Cheslyn Hay, aged 35 killed in France.
3rd July 1915  A meeting to form a ‘Bowling League’ for Cheslyn Hay and District and listing all of the new clubs.
MEMORIES  Carried forward to next week.
ALBERT PODMORE  Another old member passed away 5th June in hospital aged 82.  Used to live in the Company Buildings when he was a miner at Hawkins pit, but in recent times he has resided at Pinfold House.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 21st June 2015

EVENTS  We welcome renowned historian Tim Burgin as our guest for this month’s Speaker’s Night on Thursday 25th June, at the Salem at 7.30pm and his topic is ‘The Battle of Waterloo’ which we are currently commemorating its bi-centenary this month.  All welcome. Admission £1 including refreshments.
OUR SALEM BASE  Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  Following on from the assistance we received last week from Peter Harley, the Australian researcher, one of our members, Paul Edgerton, respectfully requests for any information on a young Australian soldier, Sgt Govan, who is buried next to his paternal uncle, Bertram Edgerton, who died in battle in May 1940 and buried in Boeseghem, northern France.
And Debby has contacted us through our website as she is interested in information we have on John Ridgway who was killed in Gallipoli aged only 19 in 1915 and he is on our War Memorial.
RESPONSES   The letter from Hamar Dawkins in the trenches in WWI brought back memories to Eddie and Jim Wise as Hamar lived next door to them at 29 Station Street as they recall many aspects of his life.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  The Evelyn Lunt (nee Bird) Collection containing 84 photographs which include many of her friends and family throughout her long life namely Bird, Shirley, Butler, James, Smith, Rodwell, Meakin, Lunt and many unnamed.  Available at the Base any Tuesday.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Dave Bray has completed transcribing the 1792 Enclosure Act survey apportionment, which describes the land that was enclosed at that time, the sizes, the worth and most importantly the names of the owners. The transcribed document will be available in its original format (complete with contemporary words of the time) and in a modern format.  This documents will eventually be accompanied by an A1 map similar to the original when Darren has completed the work.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  The Lichfield Mercury refers to an article in ‘The Schoolmaster’ where it was stated that schoolteachers were being underpaid in some areas and it was decided to increase men teachers by £10 per year and women headteachers by £5 with a postscript of ‘Cannock Board note this and Cheslyn Hay, Burntwood, Walsall, Lichfield, wake up’ (1 Aug 1902).
24th June 1965  Report of the dangers in Cheslyn Hay because of the number of children there are.
1st July 1965  Full report on the annual Salem Methodist Church Sunday School Carnival listing all the names of those taking part during the day in the competitions and fancy dress parades and the evening as well.
26th June 1915  News of Sapper Jack Hawkins R.E., youngest son of Mr and Mrs John Hawkins, of Station Street, and his bravery exploits.
26th June 1915  Results of the senior club bowling green on Saturday afternoon on the occasion of the competition for the Presidents Prize with details and scores of the games.
MEMORIES  This week we delve into our archives for the memories of Geoffrey Boulton from 2004 on the Dundalk Lane cottages and the Horton, Perry, Lawson and Biddle families.
RON MORGAN  After a very short illness, Ronnie passed away at his home in Gorsey Lane on Wednesday, 10th June, at the age of 81.  Born and bred on the village in Rosemary Road and later Littlewood Lane he will be remembered by many of his friends in the Society and from his Great Wyrley High School  and footballing days who seemed to have remained on the village throughout their lives.  The funeral arrangements are Wednesday 1st July at 11.15am at the West Chapel, Bushbury and afterwards at Harrisons Social Club.  Fuller details of any of the above reports will be gladly provided by request to my email address below.  Likewise if anyone wishes to receive the full unabridged newsletters every Sunday at 9am for £5.  Thanking you.

cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 7th June 2015

EVENTS  Chat ‘n’ Char on Thursday, 11th June in the Salem’s Main Hall as usual with Roger announcing that the ‘Picture House will be at the Chums Club’.  Doors open at 9.30am.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we have Michael Clark from Birmingham researching his Wollaston family.  All welcome.
REQUESTS  Glenda from Brisbane is after photographs or any information on her grandmother Florence (b1884) Altree‘s two brothers Samuel James (1883 – 1914) and Handel (1881 – 1962).
Chris Moore would appreciate any news of Wendy Parsons who was mentioned last week.  Wendy lived  in Hatherton Street and Chris says ‘We used to walk or cycle to Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School every day but after finishing GCE’s Wendy went on to Stafford Art College and I joined the Police Force and left the village, which is over 40 years ago.’
RESPONSES    Following Joy Mills recent request on Frances Lockley who was adopted into her Derry family in 1910, I have received an email from Brian Lockley who is the only surviving child of Frances and asks to be put in touch with Joy as he has all the information.  This has been done and the only piece of the Lockley family jigsaw missing now is to contact the son of William Henry Lockley who is currently living in Manchester.
Also our researchers Andrew and Jean have been working on Philippa’s Richard Bromall and Sarah Primer‘s families and Andrew has produced a family tree of the Bromhalls going back to 1649 that had a strong connection with Cheslyn Hay throughout the 1700s and adds there is a Francis Primer of Chestland Hay buried in 1752 and a Jane Primer, widow of Chestland Hay, buried  in 1763 both at St Lukes, which could be Sarah’s parents.  And Jean confirms the marriage of Richard Bromall, widower, and Sarah Primer of Chestland Hay on 5th January 1757 by banns and also a christening of Phoebe at St Giles Willenhall on 18th January 1761 with father Richard Bromall but no mother’s name and Jean suggests that his wife might have died of childbirth complications.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Several items  of the Tuft family with Simeon’s baptism, his marriage certificate toLucy Brough plus a conviction and sentence of 8 months at Stafford Assizes, plus the burials of Joseph and Lucy.  Also the registrations of births of Lucy Brough (1817) and her mother Rhoda Whitehouse (1792) and the burials of her father Richard Brough (1854) and Rhoda (1853).  Also a photograph PE-STO-26, Hannah Stokes (nee Tuft 1854-1928) with one of her sons.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Details of court cases of Simeon Tuft (21 July 1864) and William Wood, Robert Holmes, William Crutchley, William Wootton, Benjamin Hawkins, Samuel Hault, John Dale and George Green of Bridgtown and James Johnson of Churchbridge (11 July 1868).
10th June 1965  Cheslyn Hay Primary School Sports Day with C Mason, N Pritchard, J Woolley and J Lawson.
10th June 1965  Cheslyn Hay Gingham Girls at a parade at Wordsley Gala, Stourbridge.
10th June 1965  Cannock Chase Secondary School championships including a new javelin record.
12th June 1915  Hamar Dawkins writes a letter with details from the front.
12th June 1915  News of the two badly injured sons of Mr T A Hawkins of Glenthorne, together with other Cheslyn Hay officers with a footnote that Osmond became MD of Hawkins Colliery after the war, but Clarence was killed and his name is on our War Memorial.
12th June 1915  AThe tragic story of Silas Sargeant, who carried on the business of hairdresser in Cheslyn Hay.
MEMORIES  More from Dan Weller‘s article in the Thanet Gazette of his family who were evacuees in Cheslyn Hay during the war.
The complete unabridged versions of any of the above stories can br obtained on request via this email.