Cheslyn Hay News – 23rd November 2014

EVENTS This month’s speaker David Bartley has been involved in a serious traffic accident and, although now recovering, he has had to cancel all his engagements until later next year. However Peter Cadman has stepped into the breach and his talk is entitled ‘Voices from the Past’. Thursday, 27th November at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. £1 including refreshments.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we have a get together for anyone who went to the Pinfold Lane or Great Wyrley Secondary Schools in the sixties.
REQUESTS An email from Beverly Leeming in Canada refers back to the mention of Enoch Cadman in our Newsletter of 4th May 2014. Enoch was killed at Cambrai on 27th September 1918 and Beverly states ‘ Enoch and his wife were related to my grandfather Harold Hayward and were witnesses to his marriage in Hamilton, Ontario, in May 1911 but I am trying to determine if Enoch Cadman’s parents were Joseph Cadman (1851-1932) and Jane Hayward (1853-1935) or John Thomas Cadman (1846-1910) and Sarah Comson (1852-1932).’
Another request comes from Sheila Eggington (nee Hicks) who asks if anyone remember the Gingham Girl Dancing Troupe from the 1970s.
Malcolm Elliott adds a comment on our Guest Book page – ‘My granddad lived as a boy at 14 Saredon Road and his father was a miner in the late 1800s’ and Malcolm asks for any information around this area and immediately Janet Smith (nee Leach) replies ‘We also used to live down Saredon Road. My mom was Ruby Leach and my dad was Victor Ronald Bolton Leach and there were 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My granddad used to live there years ago before moving to Mitre Road. We’re now doing our family tree and would appreciate any help.’
Craig Bailey has discovered that his relation Thomas Woodings life and funeral was mentioned in Mike’s ‘100 Years Ago’ column in February last year and requested full details which we have provided but it has left
Craig with more questions and emails ‘Very interesting info! So I’m guessing that he died at The Fold with great niece Clara Allsopp, who would have been seven months pregnant and she did not marry George
Bailey until 2 years later! Or Thomas could have died at another house in Low Street if Clara’s mother Ann Allsopp was still living in the village but we cannot find any trace of Ann from 1910 in the family albums as
we think she disowned Clara when she became pregnant. My granddad Herbert (aka Dirk) never mentioned knowing his grandmother Ann and neither did his older brothers.’ And Craig wants to find where Thomas
was living before he died as well as his grave and did it have an inscription.
RESPONSES Our researcher Andrew provides Julie Cooke with information of her family that she requested.
Another response from an old newsletter comes from Ann Boddis-Herd in Australia who is researching her family tree and found our story of her Boddice family who emigrated there in 1912 and offers to exchange information of the Boddices she has from Cannock as well as in Brisbane. Kevin Boddice of Great Wyrley is now in contact with Ann.
Gillian is now in touch with Kathleen Whitehouse but we have no news on Margaret Thornley or any of the Foster sisters from Gorsey Lane – Janet, Pat & Maureen Foster. Mick Drury knew Janet well as they were both members of the Hednesford branch of the Midlands Clarion Cycling Club, where she met and married Jack Parsons. They lived in Cannock but unfortunately Jack died last year and Mick has lost touch with Janet. Can anyone help?
And Dorothy Russell provides much information for Kesia on all of the Whitehouse side of her family with reference to Lydia Whitehouse and Olive May Whitehouse and Samuel Marriott.
Also Anne Collins was interested in the mentions of her grandfather Steve Whitehead and her gran’s brother Lionel Hand and relates a poignant story from the First World War.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Dedication of the renovated Roll of Honour on 12th November 1983 with George Perks, Ian Carvey, Arthur Gilbert and Frank Chilton plus one of Ray Carpenter with workmates at Rosemary Tileries. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Frederick George Brooks – framed attractive coloured Miners Rescue Work Certificate dated 13th April 1909 by Jenni Bond.
27th November 1964 Cheslyn Hay Parish Council are having more problems with the gypsies.
28th November 1914 Cheslyn Hay are working very hard to procure money for the National Relief Fund with details of Miss Camilla Gripton and Mrs G Whitehouse.
28th November 1914 Details of the collection by the Working Men’s Club for Mr J Masters arranged by John Farnell.
MEMORIES We now complete the wartime memories of one of our the evacuees, Dave Malster recalling stories of Mac and Eva Brown and Mrs Mount etc.
GENERAL NEWS We have to finish this week’s newsletter on a sombre note. Alec Carter, a wartime evacuee here, visited us this year in the summer and he sadly passed away last week. It was a privilege to have met him and his family have contacted me to ‘thank us all for our kindness in making his visit extremely memorable and happy.’

Cheslyn Hay News – 16th November 2014

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome. Alan Roden was a pupil at both Pinfold Lane (1960-65) and Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School (1965-69) and he hopes to be meeting many of his old schoolfriends many of whom he hasn’t seen for fifty years in a reunion one week this Tuesday, 25th November from 10am onwards.
REQUESTS Andrew Winfer of Saudi Arabia emails ‘I have been researching the Winfer family tree but having put numerous of hours of effort into it, I have found your website stating you have data going back to 1500s. I grew up in Essington (my father still lives there) and went to Cheslyn Hay High School but I currently live and work in Saudi Arabia, but have a house in Surrey and I will happily share the data I have. However the main queries I have are – (a) who are the parents of Jack Matthew(s) Winfer (1897 – 1970). (b) I have two people named Roger Winfer one b1950 and one b1955 but I need to work out the wife/wives and children. The wives I have are Maureen Roberts and Susan M Denny. (c) George Eccleston (b1895) appears to have married his cousin Florence May Winfer (b1894). (d) I have found a number of children with the surname Wright, but I don’t know who the parents are as I have Milton Wright & Harriet P A Winfer (b1923) and Fred Wright & Nancy E Winfer (b1921).’
An appeal comes in from Julie Cooke who states ‘I’m still looking for a photograph of my great uncle, Thomas Edward (Ted) Wilkes, or he may have been known as Edward Thomas. He was born in 1887 in Great Wyrley and I believe that he married Hannah Knowles in January 1909 and they had three daughters. I’ve been told that my late father was very much like him and I would dearly love to see if that is true.’
And Kesia Appleton emails ‘I am currently completing my family Ancestry and wonder if you have any information regarding my family. My grandmother was Iris Lydia Grose nee Marriott and my g-grandmother was Olive May Marriott nee Whitehouse. I know they ran a grocer’s shop on Station Street but I am unable to work out which Samuel Marriott is my g-grandfather. I have read your information about Olive and my heart leapt! Olive Whitehouse’s parents were Moses Whitehouse and Sarah Jane nee Dace. My grandmother Iris&
nbsp;died in September 1978 and she is buried in Cannock somewhere with her mother. When I was a little girl I used to come from Bilbrook to visit my Aunty Betty whom I believe may be Beatrice Marriott? She was married to Edgar and they had a daughter called Lynn but I don’t know anything else so any further information would be greatly appreciated.
RESPONSES Following Glen Wootton’s recent visit to our Base and her subsequent request for help on her family tree, David Whitehouse from Canada has emailed all the details of Lucy Whitehouse connecting with Sarah Hickman, Clara Bonnell and Eli Birch and our researcher Vi has provided full information on the recent Whitehouse farm enquiry.
Also following Gillian Nicklin’s (nee Snape) request from Southend three weeks ago her old friend Kathleen Whitehouse is delighted to hear from her and a contact will be made shortly.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS See under ‘Appeal’.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington
20th November 1964 More problems with the nomad caravanners naming the protesters.
21st November 1914 The contributions made by Mrs Wynne of Station Street, are outlined and the following are mentioned in the same article – Private George Wood, General Hospital, Line of C, France; Corporal Masters (late signalman of Cheslyn Hay); Private F W Alcock, Private T Lockett, Private Lionel Hand; Private Steve Whitehead, Private Davis and Corporal S Bird.
21st November 1914 A trap accident occurred on the Lodge Farm Lane near to the Old Coppice Colliery. involving Mr T Williams, bailiff of the Lodge Farm.
21st November 1914 The Chief Constable responds to the complaint made at the last Council Committee Meeting made in respect of paper selling on Sundays.
21st November 1914 At the invitation of the committee and members of the Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club a number of the Belgian Refugees were entertained at the club on Wednesday evening. and full details are recorded, complete with names.
MEMORIES This week’s nostalgia comes in two parts from an old evacuee, Dave Maltster, who has sent in some marvellous recollections of Cheslyn Hay during the wartime years when he stayed with Eva and Mac Brown with the fondest memories of his friends Mervyn and Sylvia Wood of Hatherton Street.
APPEAL We have just received a wonderful 42 page well documented Photographic Album containing well over 100 photographs covering the closing years of the Pinfold Lane School up to 1985. We are naming it ‘The John Martin Collection’ and it contains photographs of teachers, kitchen staff, Christmas parties, football teams, sports days, school plays, school visits, recorder groups, letters and newspaper reports. This album is available for anyone to view at our Base any Tuesday and we are appealing to anyone to come along and put names to the several dozen of unnamed children in the Album.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 9th November 2014

EVENTS  Roger’s Chat n Char is this Thursday, 13th November in the Lecture Room at the Salem starting at 10am.

Great Wyrley LHS have their Annual Exhibition on Saturday, 15th November at the Great Wyrley Sports and Social Club on the Walsall Road from 10am – 4pm.  We will be there with a display.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

 REQUESTS  Yvonne Clark in Australia is tracing her family tree and emails ‘My g-g-grandparents were Isaiah and Sophia Bate, but although Sophie states her maiden name was Hodgkins on their marriage certificate, she also was using the  name of Stokes, which is very confusing.  My line is from her daughter Eliza Bayliss (b1860) and her son  was Alfred who married Agnes Brookes and they lived in Norton Canes.  Their daughter Alice (Annice) Eliza is my grandmother (my Dad’s mum).’  Have any of our members got any connections with this tree?

RESPONSES  Following the viewings of the Cliff Cartwright/Kelsall/Poxon family album some fascinating stories are still developing on the three families including Cliff’s brother Daniel who was the Mayor of Walsall in 1957 and are to be followed up.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Several more from the Duncan Brough Collection including the Norman Wright Band with Norman, Duncan, Percy Lees, Lionel ? and two more unnamed, wedding photographs of Elsie Hawkins and Horace Brough and others. Copies available at £1 for a 7×5 Photographic Print. 

13th November 1964  A full page of muddy, waterlogged lanes in Cheslyn Hay and complaints from the residents.

13th November 1964   Details of PCs Ken Paskin, P Mullard and J Kent running a Youth Club.

13th November 1964  ‘Glancing Back from the Advertiser of 11 November 1939′ covering the story of HRH during his visit,.

14th November 1914  A Hospital Collection for an unfortunate WMC member Mr Joseph Holland Snr.

14th November 1914  Mr and Mrs T Bowen, of Station Street , entertaining Belgian Refugees.

MEMORIES  We complete the memories of Miss Jean Hawkins this week from 1938 to 2002.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 2nd November 2014

EVENTS  Remembrance Sunday is next Sunday, 9th November where we will be laying our wreath at our War Memorial at 11am and this will be followed by a service at St Marks Church.

Prior to Remembrance Sunday, Peter Cadman and his team are attending the Cheslyn Hay Primary School with a WWI Day on Wednesday, 5th November.

OUR SALEM BASE is open as usual from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday for all enquiries and researches.  All welcome. 

REQUESTS  Following her recent visit to our Base where Glen was able to purchase 14 previously unseen photographs of the Birchfamily and she emails ‘I’ve been researching my husbands family tree for some time – the Birchs from Rosemary Road – but I could do with some help with the tree.  Edna Brown is his aunt, his mothers sister.’  Can anyone help?

Glen also adds ‘There is also some information that someone may be able to help me with as well – ‘My husband’s Aunt Nellie used to tell my daughter that when she was little she used to go across the fields by the swingbridge to her aunt’s at Whitehouses’ Farm where she used to work in the dairy.  I know where the swingbridge used to be, but not the farm.  I am curious as my husband’s great grandfather Frederick Eli Birch married a Lucy Whitehouse and I’m trying to make the connection.  Nellie told us that he had a house built just up from where Stevenson’s chemist is, but I’m not sure which one.  He owned four canal boats that he and his son, also Eli, worked.  Any information would be most welcome!’

RESPONSES  More information has come through following Derek Bullock’s original enquiry connecting with Bob Cooper, Gordon Smith, Doreen Pritchard, Janet Bourne, Valerie Gunn,

Lilly Smith, Alf Smith, Emily Perks and Len Bullock.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   A range of photographs on the theme of ‘Then and Now’ covering most streets in Cheslyn Hay, four Homeshaw photographs – 2 of Dora Homeshaw (nee Hughes) and two individual, and very old, photographs of the mother, who kept the Puddlers Arms in Churchbridge, and the father of James Homeshaw plus a 1938 photograph of Ted Gray.  Copies available at £1 for a 7×5 Photographic Print. 
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   Bridgtown LHS have a photograph of the Roll of Honour with the names of all 94 soldiers from Gilpins and Elliott Lucas who fought in WWII.  Names available on request.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Bankruptcy of William Quinton, farmer of Cheslyn Hay Lodge.  


6th November 1964  Salem Autumn Fayre with details and all the names of those involved.

7th November 1914  Last Wake Tuesday on the Fair Ground.  

7th November 1914  The ladies of the Red Cross Society with activities and names.

7th November 1914  Unfortunate news of Frank Alcock and his family.

7th November 1914   The enlistment of local Cheslyn Hay men.

MEMORIES  We continue with Miss Jean Hawkins lifelong residency on the village and this week when she was still at school recalling stories of local shops, shopkeepers, businessmen and the Cheslyn Hay doctors.

GENERAL NEWS   On Thursday, November 6th at the Museum of Cannock Chase from 2 – 4pm author and WWI historian Christopher John is giving a talk and signing his new book ‘One Hundred Years On’.  Tickets via

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 26th October 2014

EVENTS   This month’s Monthly Speaker is historian, David Bell, and the title of his talk is ‘Tales of the Privy’.  At the Salem Schoolrooms on Thursday, 30th October at 7.30pm.  £1 including refreshments.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  Gillian Nicklin (nee Snape), who now lives in Southend on Sea enquires about her old friends from Cheslyn Hay.  She mentions Margaret Thornley and the Foster sisters - Janet, Pat & Maureen Foster who used to live in Gorsey Lane , but Gillian has lost touch with them and does not know their married names.  Also she wishes to contact Kathleen Whitehouse of Hilton Lane who she met at the Salem Flower arranging classes and wonders whether these classes are still going.  Gillian was born in the black and white cottage in Hilton Lane , just a little way up from St Andrews church, which she hopes is still standing and went to Great Wyrley Secondary School up to 1955.  She lived in Rosemary Road when she got married in 1959 and moved to Great Wyrley three years later and she’s love to hear from anyone who knew her.

RESPONSES  Carol Adshead remembers Wigley’s shop well.  It was double fronted where one window was devoted entirely to wool and knitting and it was where Carol used to go with her Nan to buy her wool from the early 1950s and she says ‘Mrs Wigley was a lovely lady’.  But, apart from Wigley’s which Helen is aware of, no-one can recall the names of any of the shops next to the Swan.  

More information for Brian on his Turner family.  Our Andrew has found another two more baptisms for unknown children whilst our researcher, Jean, has been over to the Stafford Record Office and pulled off copies of the details of the three Turners found to be buried at the Cannock Cemetery .

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  One of the Cheslyn Service Station when it opened in 1958 and some photographs of the Exhibition.  Copies available at £1 for a 7×5 Photographic Print. 
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Death Certificate of Horace Price of 24 Low Street who died  16th March 1957 aged 41. 

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Court cases form 1863 to 1912 involving Charles Clewley, Henry Lockett, William Holt, George Fletcher, John Clewley, Rhoda Barrett, Lizzie Ann Clewley, Nellie Fletcher, Isaiah Pearson, Elizabeth Ann Clewley.


31st October 1914  Details of the Annual Wake on the Barn Flat.

31st October 1914  Story of the unfortunate George Russell.

31st October 1914  The Don Tournament for the Wake with names of all the prizewinners.

31st October 1914  A pigeon race between two old fanciers, B Potts and George Fletcher.

MEMORIES  More of Jean Hawkins’ recollections of her childhood with stories of Mrs Allan, Mrs Leasing, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Corns, Miss Scragg, Miss Grey, Sadie Potts, Fred and Hetty Hawkins, Sidney Hawkins, Bert Bown and Mr Parbrook’s shop,

SCHOOL REUNION  The date for the reunion of anyone who attended Pinfold Lane (1960-65) and Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School (1965-69) is now confirmed to be Tuesday 25th November at the Salem starting at 10am.  Already we have had a response but unfortunately we’re also been told that Paul Piatt and John Leach (Jan 2001) have both passed away.

GENERAL NEWS  A ‘Cheslyn Hay Station’ sign of the type that used to be attached to lamp posts was up for auction at Crewe last Saturday.  I phoned up the auction house to enquire the reserve price and was told – because it was in such a poor condition it was only £450!!  I therefore never mentioned my top offer of £50 and it sold for £700.


Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 19th October 2014

EVENTS  None this week

OUR SALEM BASE  is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week  Mrs Glen Wootton is visiting us tracing her Birch family tree.  They lived in Rosemary Road and we have quite a bit of information for her but Glen would be delighted to meet anyone who knew them.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  This intriguing email comes in this week from Gillian Nicklin mentioning her grandfather, who is a well known name to our area. ‘Does anyone know anything about my Granddad John Aldridge Snape, who was a miner and also a well known photographer.  He took photos concerning the murder of a woman in Bridgtown who was going out with a Great Wyrley man and also of the Wyrley Horse maimings.  I found out my grandfather was born illegitimately when his mother was working as a maid to a well known man who could not marry her.  Her maiden name was Snape so my granddad had her surname but his middle name was Aldridge, which I think is unusual.  Granddad had three sons Jack, Leslie and my father, Gilbert Osmond who was a miner in Huntington and also keen on photography.’  Ans an email from Helen Ralphs ‘I read with interest the memories of Don Savage as I am researching the building next to the Swan Inn (now Halliwells) in Great Wyrley and wondered if he, or any of your members, could remember what shops were there during his childhood of the thirties or forties.  One was Wigley’s but eas that the larger or smaller premises?  And was there another store too?’

RESPONSES   Already we have had a response to Yvonne’s request on the Clewleys from one of our members, who gives the date and where Rebecca Clewley was buried together with a list of the burials of the Clewley children. Also we have also been able to confirm that the Clewley family were established in our area over 200 years ago as they are mentioned 18 times in our Poor Laws records between 1713 – 1833.

Also our researchers have been able to help Brian with his Turner family tree and Brian replies ‘There is some  very useful extra information you have provided – especially the baptism records from the Mount Zion and Salem Methodist Chapels.  I knew from the 1911 census that Joseph and Emily Turner had seven children and that three had died before then.  George Ernest, Sarah Ann, Edward and Eliza are the four who survived so James is obviously one of the three who died as a child and I did not know of him before.’

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Wedding of Idris Evans & Joan Stokes, Ray & Doris Carpenter with evacuee Edna Porter, Jane Jones (nee Moore ), Moses Lockett, wedding of George Lockett in 1940 and Vera Gretton.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s competitions and winners including H Kendall, B Parkes, H Moore, Newell & Jellyman, J Williams, E Palmer, A Denny, E Foster,  F Elwell,  Gretton, Harvey, J Gaskin, Lockett & Kingston,  C Evans (1920), Court Case involving an assault with Maria Riley and William Griggs (1925) and the sale of Sunshine Farm and Nurseries (1955).


23rd October 1964  A story about Harry Bate and his dog Trixy and his business.

23rd October 1964  The success of the Cheslyn Hay Salem Ladies Tennis team – the only ladies team in the Chase area.

24th October 1914  The activities of the Cheslyn Hay Relief Fund Committee with Mr Herbert PerksMr A Franks,Mr G H Hudson, Miss Bown, Mrs Jenkins, Mr N Danes, Mr P Bown and Syd Hawkins.

MEMORIES  We now start the memories of Miss Jean Hawkins who was the last of the Hawkins family to have lived on the village including her family background of the Rev Daniel Brearley, Albert Edward Hawkins, Harriet (nee Whitehouse), Hetty Benton,Samuel Lowe, Henry Harvey and Elizabeth Whitehouse (nee Norris).

APPEAL   Alan Roden was a pupil at both Pinfold Lane (1960-65) and Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School (1965-69) and has initiated a reunion at our Base on one of the Tuesdays later next month.   As a prompt we have looked into our archives where we have a class photograph that includes Mr Jack Martin, Mr David Blount, John Michalejik (West), Alan Roden, Peter Illidge, Peter Stallard, Michael Matthews, Clive Mason, Margaret Westwood, Barry Birch, Billy Vine, Julie Price, Valerie Fordham, Hilary Craddock, Susan Saunders, Jane Lawson, Linda Biggs, Margaret Westwood, Carol Stevens, Linda Heminsley, Helen Ridgway, Janine Woodley, Veronica Hall, Marilyn Jackson, Dianne Edwards, Veronica Russell, Stephanie Green, Margaret Haynes, Paul Piatt, Brian Howarth, Nigel Pritchard, John Elwell, John Leach, Billy Guy, Jim Burke.  Or anyone who went to these schools during the sixties will be most welcome.  Date to be fixed after we have had the initial response.

GENERAL NEWS  A Preservation Order is being taken out on the Sewage Farm in Saredon Road which was opened in 1909 and is the only building standing from the first decade of the last century when Cheslyn Hay had its own Isolation Hospital , Waterworks and Sewage Works.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 12th October 2014

EVENTS Bridgtown LHS Annual Exhibition is next Sunday, 19th October at the Bridgtown Social Club on the Walsall Road from 10am – 4.30pm and John Devey will be launching his excellent new book on Churchbridge priced at £6. We will also have them available and we will be at the Exhibition as well.
Also Peter Cadman and his team will be at the Whitgreave Primary School in Featherstone this Wednesday with another WWII Day.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week is the last chance to see the Cartwright/Kelsall/Poxon photograph albums with Paul Read also visiting mid morning with plenty more photographs of the same families. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS A visitor to the Base last week, Brian Turner, was researching his Turner line of his family that settled in Cheslyn Hay starting with Joseph Turner (b1862) who was living in Cheslyn Hay during the four censuses from 1881 – 1911. He married Emily Perry in 1884 and they lived in Queen Street, having four children, one of whom, George Ernest Turner (b1885) married Emma Beatrice Barnes (b 1885) and they lived in Bridgtown and had four children Olive E J (1915-2010), Harold Edward (1917-98), George Leslie (b&d 1920) and Lilian Martha (1921-66). Can anyone add more information for Brian?
An appeal from Yvonne, who came across our website by searching for the Clewley surname and discovered links to Cheslyn Hay and emails ‘My grandmother Florrie Clewley came from Belper, but after doing family research the family originated from Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley. My g-g-grandfather Henry Clewley (b1832 in Bloxwich) was illegitimate and his mother Ann Clewley (b1814) had 3 children as a single woman and she died in 1846 at the Union Workhouse in Walsall. Henry’s two siblings went to live with their grandparents, Thomas Clewley and Rebecca Whitehouse, and they are on the 1851 census. Henry Clewley is on the 1851 census at Cheslyn Hay, but spelt as Chesley, and he is listed with wife Ann and daughter Ann, both of them appear to have died as he then married my g-g-grandmother in Derbyshire in 1856. I am trying to find the children of Thomas & Rebecca (married at St Matthews 1802) one of whom is my g-g-g-grandmother Ann Clewley (unmarried). I cannot find her baptism in 1814 yet I have found six other children who may be her brothers and sisters all baptised in different places but with the same parents names – John (1811 Bloxwich), Mary (1808 Walsall), Thomas (1804 Bloxwich), Rebecca (1820 Cannock), Hannah 1820 Cannock) and William (1822 Cannock).
RESPONSES Peter Foxton emails thanking us for all the Hubery/Oldbury family information as he has now been able to add further details to his tree with Eliza Holbury, George Oldbury and Sarah Allbury.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS With our new Photograph Database Project starting this week, we have received a 32 GB Flash Drive.
16th October 1964 Full details of the boundary changes.
17th October 1914 The Cheslyn Hay Bowling Club’s annual dinner with details of 23 bowlers and their accomplishments.
17th October 1914 Accident near to Ivy House involving Mr Fred Wooton and Miss Lily Marshall.
17th October 1914 Details of the entertainment at the Rose and Crown.
MEMORIES of Mr Don Savage whenhe was a teacher at the Great Wyrley Secondary School.
APPEAL Paul Higgs of the Cheslyn Hay Allotments Society emails ‘We are joining the local Great War commemorations where we will post your soldier details on both notice boards on site and we also are planning a ‘Great War Legacy Garden’ (see link: express-and-star-the-great-war-legacy-garden-project/ and we are collecting the Cash for Your Community vouchers now being published in the Express and Star. Can we ask your members to collect some for us as any funds raised will be used to set up the garden.’ Any vouchers can be handed in to our Base or to any Committee Member and will be appreciated.
GENERAL NEWS Last month in September, we have had another 119 sightings of our local scenes on staffspasttrack. Salem 24, Garretts Shop 20, High Street 19, Brittania Picture House 15, Wootton’s Post Office 14, Hackett’s Butcher’s Shop 13, Walter Hackett 8, Albert Hawkins Shop 6.