cheslyn Hay Weeky News – 15th May 2016

EVENTS Bridgtown LHS have arranged a get together of former employees of Cornelius Whitehouse at the Bethel in Union Street on 18th May at 10am with Vic Hargreaves, John Harris and Jim Wise talking about their memories at the factory. It will also be a chance to meet up with old workmates. £1 and open to everyone.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome Val Theroux from Canada to meet up with Rachel from Norton Canes who has a direct link with Val’s forebears (Thomas Perks b1781 who married Sarah Cartwright b1788 and their son John Perks b1813).
RESPONSES We have looked into our ‘Master Database’ for Jenny and have found over 20 of her Garside family residing in Cheslyn Hay throughout the 1700s.
19th May 1966 Problems with the marl hole at Cheslyn Hay are ‘quite indescribable’. Full report.
19th May 1966 Article published under the heading of ‘Glancing Back to 24 May 1942’
19th May 1966 An extensive article by Bert Davenport, who specialises on Cannock’s theatrical history, on the life and theatrical career of Dick Merchant, famously known as ‘Mons Perchant’.
20th May 1916 The burial of the late Mr Joseph Minifie Hawkins, of Cheslyn Lodge, with list of mourners and details of his life.
20th May 1916 Sympathy is extended to Mr and Mrs Bailey of Coppice Lane in their sad bereavement of their son, Joseph.
20th May 1916 A butcher, named Henry George Cogger, of Jenkins Place, Chatham, found the lifeless body of a soldier in an old chalk pit, overlooking Chalk Pit Hill, between 10 and 11 o’clock on Sunday morning. Enquiries were made and it was ascertained that the deceased was Harry Griffiths (36) a Sapper in the Third Provisional Battalion, Royal Engineers. He was a married man his wife living in Cheslyn Hay, near Cannock and details are given of this tragic case. Kent Messenger
MEMORIES Don Savage adds more to the recent St Marks Youth Club reminiscences including the Rev Lafford, Barry Brough, Jean Benton, Des Thomas, Ken Elwell, John Underwood, Bill Glover and Maurice Stokes. Also mentioning the frequent socials, camping at Sandon and winning a cup-tie at Etching Hill Rugeley 3-2.
MYS 13THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS – 13 A Christmas gathering at the Four Crosses. Extreme left is Charlie Paradine and also named on the back of the photograph is Wilf Heminsley, Tom Thacker, Mr Cliff and John Bebb without noting where they are standing or sitting. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 8th May

8th May 2016
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EVENTS Roger’s Chat n Char is this Thursday 12th April at 10.00am in the Main Hall of the Salem and he has entitled it as ‘Doctors and Nurses’.
Also Roger has booked the second coach to Blenheim Palace for Thursday 14th July but there are only 6 seats left at £23. Telephone Roger 01543 372856.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and everyone is most welcome. Last week we enjoyed the ‘get together’ of 26 visitors from Elliott-Lucas and Abbey Dropforgings and another meeting is to be planned in 2018.
REQUESTS Jenny is in search of her g-g-g-g-grandfather William Garside/Gassor (b1781 Cheslyn Hay) and emails ‘Since he was born, he disappears then turns up in Faringdon in Oxfordshire, has at least 2 boys, then he moves to South Cerney in Glos where he ended up a pauper and died aged 71 and is buried in the churchyard. I have however found a snippet and wondered if you had any info on William Garside, Yeoman of Cheslyn Hay born c1731 and buried 2nd Feb 1817. I am wondering if this could be Williams father! Garside is a variant spelling. So can I put out a plea to anyone who is related to a Gassor/Gasser/Garside to please get in touch.’
RESPONSES Norma’s enquiry as to what did her uncle do as a ‘snaper’ down the pit has been answered. Andrew informs us that it is a ‘snapper’ and has obviously been misspelt on the census and Mick Drury, our ‘mine’ of information on anything to do with the pits explains that it is the man that ‘snaps’ the rope onto the hooks to tie up the line of coal wagons underground.
ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Contract of Temporary Teaching Appointment of Marion Homeshaw (nee Garratt) dated 25 October 1941 during absence of Mr DJ Blount on war service together with three supporting letters.
12th May 1966 Article on the Cheslyn Hay Gingham girls.
12th May 1966 Mrs K Newman of 7 Holly Bush, Cheslyn Hay, and her memories.
12th May 1966 Salem Church article involving Hilary Simms, Lynda Hemmingsley, Heather Alsopp, Wendy Brough, Richard Hackett, Peter Illidge, Julian Simms, Raymond Selvey, Steven Grundy and Alan Grundy.
13th May 1916 Full details at an occasional court, at Cannock of a Cheslyn Hay schoolteacher brought up in custody, and charged with failing to report himself under the Military Service Act. Found guilty and sentenced.
13th May 1916 A marriage between Charles Frederick Wood and Rose Westwood both of High Sreet, Cheslyn Hay, and listing all 47 guests and their wedding gifts!
13th May 1916 The death of Mr Joseph Hawkins, of Cheslyn Lodge, with details of his life.
13th May 1916 It is reported that Lieut Leslie Hawkins has been badly wounded in action and his brother Lieut Raymond Hawkins has been invalided and is in London. Also Captain Clarence Hawkins went with his regiment to Dublin, to assist in quelling the disturbances there. Also Osmond Hawkins is still badly injured. Full details given.
MEMORIES More recollections of the Working Men’s coach trips with the Whitehouse, Warburton and Newens families.
MYS 12THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS – 12 A Cheslyn Hay group from the Duncan Brough Collection with only Duncan (2nd left back row) named. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.
ROGER STEVENSON Roger’s funeral is at St Luke’s at 2.30pm on 12th May followed by the cremation at Stafford.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 1st May 2016

1st May 2016
EVENTS  David Bathurst is giving a talk on ‘Chasewater Railway: A Personal Journey’ this Tuesday, 3rd May at 2pm, at the Museum of Cannock Chase.  Telephone 01543 – 877666 for tickets at £2.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this Tuesday, 3rd May, we have the get together of ex-employees and contacts of Elliott-Lucas and Abbey Dropforgings starting at 10am with Mr Rodney Timson in attendance.
After last week’s ‘get together’ of the Baker family, Susan emails ‘Last week’s visit resulted in meeting up with three cousins who I haven’t seen for 40 years. What a lovely outcome!’
REQUESTS  Here’s a tester from Norma who emails ‘I noticed that one of my uncles was working in a coal mine and his job was as a snaper. It mentions a rope as well – do you know what this job entails?’
RESPONSES  Details from two of our members of the Snape family from Upper Landywood.
Vi, our local researcher, provides the background to Bob Whittall‘s enquiry as to a link with Tom and his own family.  Vi confirms the full details of the emigrations to Canada together with occupations and addresses of William, Bob’s grandfather.  However Roy Handley then adds all the details to Thomas Royston Wootton Whittall.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  A family group of Dace/Sherratt/Evans/Dutton/Kingston at Blackpool in 1949, Ray Wilcox in theNavy and the weddings of Chris Wilcox & Jim Brevitt and Win Piatt & Jack Dace.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A 36 page booklet of postcards around Cannock Chase which include a handful of Cheslyn Hay photographs and several Snape postcards, a 32lbs cannon ball, probably from a ship’s armoury, found in a derelict garden shed in Great Wyrley, a 1906 Salem dinner plate, a copy of the Order of Service for Cliff Hooper (1927-2016) and a tribute to the life ofTony Read.
5th May 1966  Details of the Cheslyn Hay Young Wives first dance.
5th May 1966  Hawkins Cricket Club beat Dudley in the opening cricket match of the season with scores and bowling figures.
6th May 1916  A Talbot Inn raffle of a large potato of the ‘Deerhouse’ specimen with a sad twist.
6th May 1916  Details of the death of John Davies of Low Street.
6th May 1916  Details of the injuries that maimed Colour Sergeant Altree, of The Guards.
6th May 1916  The inquest of the tragic death of Stephen Robinson, of Mount Pleasant and recorded as ‘a very sad case’.
MEMORIES This week comes from Vic Owens of Landywood Lane who deposited his memories in our archives in 1999 and he recalls the post war days when he had his taxi business.
MYS 11THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS – 11  This week a photograph from the Great Wyrley Darby and Joan Club in 1961 with four rows of their members.  Back row – (9 people) William Smith is at the end (9th), Second row (9), Third row (8), Front (7).  Can be viewed either on our website  or on our Facebook Page.
GENERAL NEWS  The Express and Star ran the story of the demolition of the Cornelius Whitehouse works and can be read on their website
ROGER STEVENSON has recently passed away, aged just 65.  The family had the chemists on the High Street for many years and when his father died, Roger took over until he retired twenty years ago, but the shop still carries the family name.   

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 24th April 2016

We are now taking memberships for the forthcoming 12 months. Any interested in receiving the full UNABRIDGED two page newsletter every Sunday morning at 9am please email me at the address below.
EVENTS Free admission to our talk this week as it is preceded by our AGM starting at 7pm on Thursday 28th April at the Salem. Peter Cadman will be giving the talk at 7.30pm on ‘Shakespeare Uncovered’ to commemorate his death of 400 years ago.
We are supporting our old friends at the Museum of Cannock Chase (Hednesford WS12 1TD) on their Staffordshire Day on Sunday, 1st May from 12pm – 4pm. There is a full programme including Marion, the besom maker, the Beggars Oak Cloggers and the Rugeley Power Station Brass Band on the front lawn plus medieval singers and many other exhibits and art work. We are displaying the Cheslyn Hay Maps and a List of Landowners relating to the 1792 Enclosure Act. Admission is free.
We have organised a reunion of the ex-employees of Elliott-Lucas and Abbey Dropforgings to be held at our Base at the Salem a week on Tuesday, 3rd May starting at 10am. Mr Rodney Timson, the Managing Director of Abbey Dropforgings and Director of Elliott-Lucas is travelling up from Norfolk to renew acquaintances with everyone and there will be many photographs on display that are held in the Society’s archives. Coverage of the event will appear in the Chronicle together with a photograph.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome Susan Woolley who is researching her Baker family.
REQUESTS From Norma (nee Bowen) who explains why she wants to contact Mrs Snape of Landywood also Jack, Sid, Mary Maggie Snape and Bob Whittall emails from Dorset enquiring about Tom Whittall.
RESPONSES Our researcher Andrew has spent some time unravelling Val’s request on her Perks family before she visits us from Canada and his information is supported by Marcia, who met up with Val a few years ago, has written a booklet on the Perks family going back to 1796. Also an email from one of our members stating ‘Thomas Perks was my 4xgreat granddad and I am his descendant via Joseph Perks born 1819 (John’s brother)’ and she is meeting Val at our Base on Tuesday 17th May.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS One of Cliff Baker (1891 -1958) as a young man. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS ARCHIVE Sherry Belcher’s ‘Cannock Chase Past’ book published in 2001 and a 31 page history of Gilpins by Alfred Camden Pratt in the Staffordshire Archaeology Society Volume No 21.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Details of a large pig that was killed and raffled at the Green Dragon Inn near Four Crosses looked after by John Pratt of Saredon Mill (18 Jan 1833 Chester Courier). Copy of this newspaper report £1.
28th April 1966 Problems of the expanding village of Cheslyn Hay.
28th April 1966 Massive improvements to Low Street.
29th April 1916 There was a record attendance at the Barn Flat Ground, Cheslyn Hay, on the occasion of the Good Friday Football Carnival. Full details.
29th April 1916 The sacred cantata ‘The Holy City’ was well rendered by Salem Methodist Church Choir on Good Friday. Full details.
MEMORIES Our old French pal, Alan Brown, provides us with a bit more nostalgia, tempered with a couple of questions to test the old grey matter, in this email ‘Following up on the “Coach Trip” theme from the Swinging Sixties etc etc”
MYS 10THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS – 10 A Cheslyn Hay wedding from the thirties with not one person named. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.
WWI COMMEMORATION This May we commemorate the death of Harry Griffiths of Landywood Lane.
GENERAL NEWS A message from Rosemary, the widow of the recently departed Tony Read. ‘Just wanted to say Tony will be interred in our village church, St Nicolas, in June. His mother Lottie and father Fred are interred in Cheslyn Hay. A 6000 word article on his television work was written in the March issue of Doctor Who magazine. Wonderful article.’

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News 17th April 2016

EVENTS   This year’s St Georges Parade  starts at 12pm on Saturday, 23rd April, at Harrisons Club in Wharwell Lane to march through Great Wyrley with the fete following on at the club at 2pm.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone is welcome!
REQUESTS  An email from Val Theroux of Canada ‘I have very recently taken a serious interest in my family history. My maiden name is Perks and I am visiting Cheslyn Hay next month from 16th-20th May with my sister Roslyn Samsa, from Australia, and my husband John and will be very excited to meet your society members at your Tuesday meeting at the Salem.’  Val is a descendant of  Thomas Perks (b1781 in C/Hay) and wife Sarah Cartwright (b1788 in Great Wyrley) and their son John Perks (b1813 C/Hay) who married Mary T(r)anter in Sedgley on 10 Dec 1838 and she would appreciate any help on her Perks family.

RESPONSES  We’ve certainly have had a response to David’s request of last week on the Smith family.  Our researchers Jean and Bob have added information that David has been unaware of and Jean also has given several possibilities for the births of the Smith children and brought David more recent information from our 1939 register.  Also Malcolm from Banbury emails ‘My dad was Williamand one of six brothers, living at 33 Coppice Lane and adds details of all the family so consequently all the Smiths are now exchanging information.
Following the mention of Jack Baker, Sheila tells of her memories of her Dad, Ted Ridgway, who was the shunter on Tony, loco 301, and Mr Westwood was the driver including a photograph of them.  And Pauline from Eastbourne adds more information of her father,Bill Westwood with Jack Baker, adding that ‘Next time I’m in the area I’ll pop in at the Base’.
Andrew looked into the Butler request for Gill but declares that her grandma Mary Ann was born in Birmingham and the family seem to hail from the Chorley, Gentleshaw, Farewell and Brewood areas but all his findings have been forwarded on to Gill.
We were able to provide Hilary from County Down with full details of her family’s baptisms at the Salem during 1881-1885, the time when her g-grandfather Thomas Gibson Seymour was minister at the Salem.
And Chris and Catharine email from Canada for researching and contacting the Martin family for her after she had received a small parcel full of old, black and white photos of her in-laws and their family from the 40’s & 50’s, and a few colour ones from the 60’s adding ‘We were thrilled to receive such a precious gift and we wanted to open a dialogue with my husband’s long, lost relatives.  Unfortunately, my husband has only one extended family member in Canada, so you can appreciate how happy he was to know that there were others in England who thought of him.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t an email or phone number, and the address didn’t match the name search.  Your help to connect the two families across the pond was invaluable! How kind!’

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs of Prisoners of War Hannes Witthaus and Arthur Ruge who were befriended by the Rankine family during the war.  They kept in contact when they returned home with Arthur always signing off ‘With thanks for all your love and kindness’ plus one of them with Tom ‘Jock’ Rankine, Trevor Powell, John Rankine and Malcolm Wiggin.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A 36 page booklet of postcards around Cannock Chase which include a handful of Cheslyn Hay photographs and several Snape postcards.  A 32lbs cannon ball, probably from a ship’s armoury, found in a derelict garden shed in Great Wyrley.

21st April 1966  Hawkins Colliery Sports Club, of Cheslyn Hay, reviewing a very successful year.
22nd April 1916  Details of the efforts of the Local Relief and Red Cross Society naming all those on the committees.
MEMORIES   More recollections of the St Marks Youth Club, this time from Roy Handley who was a member during the war years when it was solely a boys’ club and naming all his old pals and what became of them.
  From the Woodman with only Nancy Richards and Muriel Allen on the right named.  Can be viewed either on our website  or on our Facebook Page.

, one of our original committee members, passed away suddenly at his home on the 22nd March.  Cliff will always be remembered with the fondest of memories by the dozens of his renowned Gingham Girls throughout the sixties and for what he has contributed to our village life.  His funeral is at 3pm at Bushbury Crematorium on Monday 25th April.
NORMAN LEE of Norton Lane, Great Wyrley, passed away on 6th April aged 90.  Born in Churchbridge, Norman was a font of local knowledge, had a great sense of humour, and was a member of both our Society and Great Wyrley’s.  Funeral at St Marks on Monday, April 18th at 1.30pm.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 10th April 2016

EVENTS Chat n Char this Thursday 14th April at 10.00am in the Main Hall of the Salem with the title of ‘It’s a Mucky Job!’
CHADFACCS (Cheslyn Hay & District Footpaths and Countryside Conservation Society) is still going strong after 40 years and they meet every fortnight. They welcome any new members and their next walk is next Sunday, 17th April at 9.30am sharp, meeting at the rear car park at the Talbot. The walk is usually about 5miles long, taking about two and a half hours with a break half way. Telephone 01922 493190 for further details.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS Julie emails ‘May I make another appeal for a photograph of my paternal great uncle? Thomas Edward Wilkes, known as Ted, (b1887 Great Wyrley) son of Edward Thomas Wilkes and Elizabeth Benton. Ted married Hannah Knowles on 31 January 1909. It is believed that they had 3 daughters, Dorothy, Hilda and Gertrude (known as Nancy?). I believe my late father looked very much like Edward and I would dearly love to see this for myself.’
Brian Cowley is involved in an in depth research of Mount Pleasant for our archives and he would welcome any information, photographs, memories from anyone with links to the area or its inhabitants. Please email Brian on
And our researcher David from Canada would greatly appreciate any help with his request ‘The Smith Family – 6 boys that I know of possibly more, all born between 1900 and 1910 and lived in Cheslyn Hay according to the 1901 and 1911 census. The boys were named Albert, Leonard, Herbert, Clarence, William and James with the parents Edward and Mary Ann. I am looking to extend this line and add information on the family and need someone with knowledge of the family due to the common surname.’
Also Hilary Maginnis from County Down enquires about the baptism dates at the Salem of Ethel Maud and Samuel Henry Ernest Seymour, the children of her g-grandfather the Reverend Thomas G Seymour. Also was it her g-grandfather who baptised Arnold Seymour Hawkins?
Gill from Nottingham has started on her Butler side of her family with her grandma Mary Ann Butler who was born in 1874 and married Henry Lockett on the 30th April 1899 and Gill adds that ‘she was living in Penkridge with her father William and mother Ann in 1881.’
And from Chris & Catharine in Canada – I am trying to find a relative of my husband’s. I am looking for Alan and Pauline Martin who are my father-in-law’s brother and his wife. My father-in-law, Gord Martin moved to Canada with his wife Mary in the 50’s and they have both since passed away. If anyone has any contact with them I would be ever so grateful.’ This was easily solved as Alan & Pauline are both members and they are now in touch.
RESPONSES An email just received from Susan Woolley who was very moved to see the letter written by her grandfather from the trenches in the First World War. Followed by more information on the Baker family and Billy Westwood and David Leach
The newspaper report of 7th April 1966 recording the success of Nanette Hawkins
also drew an immediate response from the family with up to date news of Nanette.
Our Andrew has been busy researching the Rowley family after last week’s request and has provided Mark W Tebbets in Connecticut with his family going back to the 1700s outlining full details including the up to date history of the family with the Jackson, Cartwrights and the Somerfields.
Following the successful get together of the Plant family two weeks ago, Deborah emails from Hampshire passes on her comments on the day and her memories of old Cheslyn Hay.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS One of the Great Stones of Landywood off Gorsey Lane in the 1950s. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Photograph and full details of the life of the Salem Minister the Rev Thomas G Seymour (1881-85) from the Methodist New Connexion Magazine March 1898 and the Salem Cheslyn Hay Flower Festival souvenir programme dated July 1982. Also the 48 page booklet on ‘The Wyrley Stones’ dated 1929 and a recent interview with 99 year old Mrs Madge Shirley.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington A selection of court cases and a terrible death in 1868 with the names William Whitehouse, Thomas Russell, Jonas Jones, Joseph Whitehouse, Henry Brierley and Thomas Passey. Newspaper Reports £1 each.
14th April 1966 In the ‘Glancing Back’ Column to 19th April 1941 details of the opening of the new school in Station Road
15th April 1916 Raising money for Mrs Haycock.
15th April 1916 Whist Drive held at the Working Men’s Club with list of winners.
MYS-8THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS – 8 Harold Gunn’s retirement 1980 from Rosemary’s Brick and Tile with Brian Fox and 32 employees looking on. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.
DORIS DACE Another long standing village character passed away last week on 30th March. Aged 95, Doris (nee Evans) of Chapel Square enjoyed a long and active life on the village and at one time kept the Cheslyn Hay WMC for seven years with her husband Jim. Funeral at St Marks on Monday, 11th April at 2.30pm.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 3rd April 2016

Memberships are now due for 2016/17. £5 – the same as last year but all cheques made out to CH&DLHS and post to Rob Allan, 9 Coltsfoot View, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall, West Mids WS6 7BG – or via Paypal (see our website or at the Salem Base.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday Last week we had a surprise visit from the Ridgway family where David Evans met up with the local Ridgways for the first time. Terry also travelled up from Gloucester having acquired his family medals from an auction at Eastbourne. The medals had been presented to his g-grandfather, Job, and his great-uncle, John, who was killed in Gallipoli and Terry, having had them cleaned and framed in a presentation case is determined that they will not leave the family again.
REQUESTS Two interesting emails just received this week. First, ‘My family originated from Cheslyn Hay and my dad was Bertram Whitehouse, son of Bert and Hannah. I noticed through your website that you have received emails from Bron Tomkins in Australia. She was the daughter of Harold Whitehouse, my uncle, and I’m very interested in contacting her as we have never spoke to one another before.’
Secondly from Mark W Tebbets in Connecticut ‘I am looking for any information you might have on John Rowley, my g-grandfather and Edward John (Jack) Rowley, my g-grandfather.’ Mark also lists the Cheslyn Hay & Saredon birthdates of the Rowleys – John (b1844), Alice Mary (1867), Edward John (19 Dec 1870), Lucy Anne (1872), Frederick Wm (1880), Mary Ann (1873), George Henry (1878) & Elizabeth (1882). Is anyone connected to these Rowleys?
RESPONSES With reference to Cliff Baker’
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS s letter from the trenches in last week’s newsletter Vi Leach has provided all the details of his life after returning home safely from the war.Cheslyn Hay WMC coach trip with Dougie Wilcox, Coey Pearce, Bert Baker, Wal Timmins, Arthur & Harold & Jack Davis, Jack Baker, Harry Burton, Frank Horton, Jack Bird, Harold Fidler, Horace Price, Billy Dutton & Jack Shorter. Also Harry Heminsley & Horace Price at Blackpool plus one of Geoff Sleigh in the Paras. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
7th April 1966 A story on Nanette Hawkins
8th April 1916 A meeting of the Senior Bowling Club involving Mr Ralph Evans, Mr Albert Cope, Mr William Follows and Mr I Clewley.
8th April 1916 The annual meeting of the Talbot Bowling Club was held at the Talbot Inn.
8th April 1916 Fanny Riverson in court and found guilty.
8th April 1916 During the week a number of young men have enlisted with full details.
8th April 1916 John E Hart
MEMORIES More from Diana with her ‘Auntie Kath’s Diary’ from 1968. Aunt Kath (nee Wootton) was married to the headmaster Isaac (Jim) Stokes.This week stories involve Bill Kingston, Edgar Hackett, Ethel Bowring, Fred Smith and Jack Plant.

MYS 7THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS – 7 WWII Wedding dated February 1942 with the name Cliff Baker on the back of the photograph. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.
PHYLLIS HALLCHURCH (nee Thomas) passed away on Thursday 24th March aged 97.
ENA MOLYNEUX passed away on Tuesday, 29th March aged 78 after a long illness. Ena has been a well loved character on the village for the 30 years she has owned the Pet Shop, but thankfully her husband Jem is still carrying on with the business.